The Devils Panties is the brainchild of Jennie Breeden. It's an on-line semi-autobiographical account of her life. Not every life is normal, and Jennie proves it.

After several years of hard work and some self-published works, including T-shirt designs and the works, Jennie managed to get a publishing deal with Silent Devil. She even has her own page devoted to the Panties there.

There is but one problem. For Diamond, the distributor, to work the magic that they do, they need a minimum of pre-orders from you, the devoted readers. As the owner of this drooling fanboy site, I have to point out that for the Panties to spread, Diamond need to know that it's wanted. That's where you come in.

Go pre-order the Panties at your local comic shop, or even on the Internet (Jennie recommends Comics Outpost). Do it now!